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A Merry Christmas To You!

16 Dec

Yesh, merry christmas. 😀

So i have been following some of the giveaways around the internet.

One of them, which i liked a lot is this.

I really wish the main prize, lol.

Btw, this is my email address:



14 Dec

Grab My Badge


Made from this sketch here…


This is the limit of what 14 years old girl can do. Epic failure, i guess?

Actually, this is just the basic design which i made in iPad. I usually design first then later make the real craft.

But this time, i guess i don’t have enough time so i just post this…

I have the color palette too in mind, but i cannot visualize it, because most of my materials are patterns and beads, its too hard to draw it all on the iPad.

About this, it is 100% my own design, including the drawings in the circle.

Oh yeah, remember the last post? This is one of the challenge there.

Here is the link to go to her post.

PS: hand drawing in ipad is real hard.

14 Dec

Grab My BadgeDamaris is a wonderful woman who shared her life with crafts to us.Her designs are wonderful, you guys should see them.Right now, she is having an event with the theme of Christmas.You guys should see it, its pretty amazing ^^

See it here!


Join CashCrate!

23 Oct

Want money online?

Here’s the solution!


god, i have bee…

1 Aug

god, i have been so busy at school..

i dont even remember when’s the last time i post -_-

you know, my school is third rank in my country~ the school is very great, it has lifts!! and also much much great things~~~

Anime/Manga Character’s Birthday List~

10 Jun



One Piece




i own nothing..

and hell, my day is none in above~~ TT.TT

5 Jun I took the free personality test!

“”Has a strong desire to contribute and influence o…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

One Piece 10th Anniversary Tribute

28 May

Its so cool, really~!!

29 Apr

Thank God i found this…

Pocky Pudding

Basic UTAU Functions
by Ani (PuniPudding)

Hello~! In this tutorial I’ll be teaching you the very basics of voice synthesizer UTAU.
Grab it here.

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8 Apr


***PLEASE READ!***   hello friends!  These lyrics were taken from the showcase, but I have since made another post, which can be found here, with the official lyrics from the MV.  If you go off of these lyrics, they will be WRONG.  So if you’re still interested in finding the translations and pinyin and other stuff, please go to the other post!  Thank you!  🙂


So ‘MAMA’ is EXO’s debut song.  This is the version of it that they performed at the second showcase in Beijing.

So this song was kind of like super hard to translate lol because it’s not a pure audio file, just from a video recorder, and the acoustics of the whole mic system and the screaming fans and also the echo-ey nature of the song itself makes everything soooo much harder ajkdlfaksjf.

I couldn’t even do the ending lol the beginning is…

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