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Letters, and how…

12 Mar

Yo!!! :3

Mii’s back again~~

Guys! I got a homework, about letters.

We have to presentate Letters, in a group of3, in 3 points: a. What b. Criteria c. How

I got how, the hardest-_- uurghhh!!


As you have know, a letter is a written message containing information from one party to another.

Now, how can we know this text, is a letter?

The easiest way is to see if there is a frame framing it.

For example, like this…

But, it doesnt always work, so just think it as a shortcut~

Then, there is many other easy way.

1. See if the first word in the text is Dear, ToFor, Hello, etc.

But maybe there are congratulation text which use them too so becareful.

2. See if the first word in the letter itself is How are you, How’s life, etc.

3. See if there is a signature or a name of the sender in the bottom of the text, and with word Cheers, With love, Your friend, Yours, Love, Regards, Sincerely, and such.

4. For e-mails questions, there must be a From, To, and Subject.

The letters come with questions:

a. Purpose (What is the purpose of the text?). For this question, you have to read really carefully the text.

b. Meaning (What does the underlined word means?). Here, you have to be a dictionary yourself. :3 But the word itself isn’t really hard, i guess.

c. Reasoning(Why is…). You have to read the text carefully too.

d.  Conclusion (we know that…). Just read the text carefully-_-


A freaky daay

1 Mar

i’m tryin to post a post via blackberry. ._.
My God, so haaaard-,-

Anyway Mii don’t share anything worthy (?) today.

1. Today had science try out on the schedule-,-
GOODNESS, its freaking hard.
How are we supposed to study nonstop… We just had our semester test last week, and now, TRY OUT?! (-̩̩̩-͡ ̗–̩̩̩͡)
2. The try out result is ‘mystifying’
INDEED, its freaking baaad -,-
I almost die due the shock #eeeh

3. No katekyo hitman reborn in mangareader…. TTOTT
I went home and checked the site.
And….. 1 minute sharp after i type this, the manga released-_- #truestory
Freaking felt stabbed.

4. And…. Can you help me explore the buttons of wordpress for blackberry? I still don’t quite understand this~
What’s B? I? L? UL? OL? LI?:3
Bold? Italic? Link? Unlink? What else?


The eternal wanderer, Mii.

Sejarah blog notaway2hell…

24 Feb

Kisah awal blog ini dimulai…. 

Suatu pagi yang cerah di sebuah SMP di kota banjarmasin…..

A, B, C dan D sedang mengobrol…

A: Hei, ini sudah jam segini, jadi ulangannya batal dong??

D: Iya, mungkin?

Tiba-tiba sang guru yang bersangkutan datang~~~

Guru: ulangannya ditunda besok aja ya?


A: udah pak, samakan saja nilainya! 80 juga nggak apa-apa!

B: Iya pak!

C: Beri tugas juga boleh pak!

Guru: Baiklah, kalian buat blog ya..


Lalu A, B, C, dan D berkumpul di rumah D untuk membuat blog bersama-sama.

A: Bikin blog apa nih?

B: Bikin sesuai pairing aja! KongSey sama 2Hel!

D: Beneran nih? Ahaha

B: D, kita bikin sesuai tanggal lahir aja, kongsey31 sama kongsey15

D: Ayo!

C: Kami apa? Go2Hell?

D: hahaha iya iya! Tapi A apa dong?

A: Way2Hell? XD

Lalu A mencoba membuat way2hell tapi gagal, maka ia membuat notaway2hell. :3


– 2Hell itu pairing yang dibuat asal

– notaway2hell itu dibuatnya iseng

– ini nyata loh-,-


B’s wordpress:

D’s wordpress:

C’s wodpress:

Video keren dari kelas 9I…

24 Feb

9I adalah kelas Mii. :3

Kami kelas akselerasi jadi kami terus bersama selama 2 tahun.

Jadi (menurutku) kami kompak & dekat banget. ._.

Nah, waktu itu ada tugas BI, disuruh membuat musikalisasi puisi.

Kata gurunya, nada nya itu pakai punya orang lain saja, tapi kelas ini memberikan lagu original. Semuanya.

Berikut videonya…

Grup 1, Koruptor tak tahu diri.

Grup ini genre nya beda sendiri, artinya, the most unique. XD

Grup 2, Tangisan Rindu.

Di grup ini, suara paling bagus di kelas berada. 🙂

Grup 3, Kenangan Cinta

Grup ini terkoordinasi dengan baik. Mereka menyelesaikan lagu ini paling cepat. 😀

Grup 4, Sendiri Menanti

Grup yang sepertinya paling kompak? ahaha-_-


Jadi sedih bentar lagi pisah… :’)

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