Im Mii, im just an unordinary girl, otaku, high schooler, and indonesian.

I love manga, Anime, Novels, Kawaii and Gothic things, and i draw.

I really post what i want to! Its totally random but i’m sure it isn’t useless…maybe.

The blog is unperfect so please forgive me if there’s somenothing wrong…

If you want to know something please ask me! :3

E-mail me: miellascarlett@yahoo.com



Abyss is dark hell, a prison for monsters in Pandora Hearts. I use the name abyss because its fitting the phrase not a way to hell, but not away to hell. The phrase itself is accidentally become a pun. Believe me, when i create this blog, i don’t even know its a pun… The 2 in to hell itself have a meaning, but its a secret muhahaha xD

Mii is short for Mi-chelle, and because i love manga, it eventually become my self-created Japanese name (ミイ), and everyone in my class called me that. The mii also have many more hidden meanings~


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