Letters, and how…

12 Mar

Yo!!! :3

Mii’s back again~~

Guys! I got a homework, about letters.

We have to presentate Letters, in a group of3, in 3 points: a. What b. Criteria c. How

I got how, the hardest-_- uurghhh!!


As you have know, a letter is a written message containing information from one party to another.

Now, how can we know this text, is a letter?

The easiest way is to see if there is a frame framing it.

For example, like this…

But, it doesnt always work, so just think it as a shortcut~

Then, there is many other easy way.

1. See if the first word in the text is Dear, ToFor, Hello, etc.

But maybe there are congratulation text which use them too so becareful.

2. See if the first word in the letter itself is How are you, How’s life, etc.

3. See if there is a signature or a name of the sender in the bottom of the text, and with word Cheers, With love, Your friend, Yours, Love, Regards, Sincerely, and such.

4. For e-mails questions, there must be a From, To, and Subject.

The letters come with questions:

a. Purpose (What is the purpose of the text?). For this question, you have to read really carefully the text.

b. Meaning (What does the underlined word means?). Here, you have to be a dictionary yourself. :3 But the word itself isn’t really hard, i guess.

c. Reasoning(Why is…). You have to read the text carefully too.

d.  Conclusion (we know that…). Just read the text carefully-_-


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