Cats and water….

2 Mar

Today, in school, mii saw something amazing.
A cat walked in the roof, when it rained..
We shouted: “amazing!!!!”
But, since we’re a children, they taught us ‘Cats are afraid of water’ right? ._.
I googled it and found the explanation.


1. Cats aren’t afraid of water. They just don’t like getting wet because they get wet and have to lick its body to dry it.

2. Cats are afraid because most dog can swim.

3. Cats’re scared of getting drowning.

4. They are actually gremlins. (Just joking)

5. Some cats are fascinated by water.

6. Cats don’t like cold water because they’re 98 degree inside and get cold easily.

7. Cats are natural swimmer like leopard, lynx, etc.

8. Ask someone who has cat at home…

So maybe ‘cats are afraid of water’ is just a misconception~ :3

Source: Google


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