A freaky daay

1 Mar

i’m tryin to post a post via blackberry. ._.
My God, so haaaard-,-

Anyway Mii don’t share anything worthy (?) today.

1. Today had science try out on the schedule-,-
GOODNESS, its freaking hard.
How are we supposed to study nonstop… We just had our semester test last week, and now, TRY OUT?! (-̩̩̩-͡ ̗–̩̩̩͡)
2. The try out result is ‘mystifying’
INDEED, its freaking baaad -,-
I almost die due the shock #eeeh

3. No katekyo hitman reborn in mangareader…. TTOTT
I went home and checked the site.
And….. 1 minute sharp after i type this, the manga released-_- #truestory
Freaking felt stabbed.

4. And…. Can you help me explore the buttons of wordpress for blackberry? I still don’t quite understand this~
What’s B? I? L? UL? OL? LI?:3
Bold? Italic? Link? Unlink? What else?


The eternal wanderer, Mii.


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