Global Warming speech

28 Feb

This is my speech and already used in a contest. 

Free to use but ask me first. Credits belong to me and internet.

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

May God bless all of you.

First of all, thank God that all of we can gather here with a healthy body and mind. And I would like to say thank you to the teacher and my entire friend that has given me an opportunity for a speech on this nice day…

Have you ever feel that day to day, the temperature is increasing? This is what we called global warming.  An increasing of the earth’s temperature. It said that this is the biggest problem in this century.

In 1824, Joseph Fourier found that atmosphere can be emerged by sun’s light. But not all of them can be reflected out. Then about 30 years later, John Tyndall found that gasses that trapped heat are the carbon dioxide and finally that’s those molecules named greenhouse gasses.

This greenhouse effect is the main cause of the global warming. This effect is an effect where sun light reflected to the earth is trapped inside the atmosphere. The sun’s energy is absorbed by the earth and reflected again in the shape of infrared by the earth’s surface and the cloud, but largely is trapped. Actually in normal state, the effect is needed to keep the earth warm, about 30o C.

The cause of the greenhouse effect is the increasing of carbon dioxide and the other gasses in this atmosphere. This is because of the combustion of fuel and other organic contain that surpasses the plant and sea’s capability to absorb it.

The other cause of global warming is the solar variation. It is a change in sun’s radiation. Greenhouse gases and solar forcing affect temperatures in different ways. While both increased solar activity and increased greenhouse gases that are expected to warm the troposphere, an increase in solar activity should warm the stratosphere, while an increase in greenhouse gases should cool the stratosphere.

Continued global warming could have many damaging effects. For example, the weather becomes unstable. The scientists predict the arctic ice is melting due to global warming. Because of that the ocean’s surface is slowly increasing. The ocean surface said had increase 10- 25 cm during the 20th century and the scientists predict more. The global temperature has also increase 1o every 100 years. Small it is, but have you realize 1o is this hot?

With that, all live without exceptions are threatened. Trees which are the antidote for the greenhouse effect had been logged. Every day, a soccer field sized field of tree has been log. We must realize it’s not the same as past, when we and nature live all happily. Now, we hurt each other. Cruel, isn’t it?

One more example is here, in our country. The lapindo brantas case. It’s very terrible that there is no one could stand against that. Even now there isn’t any solution.

We as the young generation cannot just remain seated while nature suffering. We are blessed, but there are people who aren’t this lucky. They suffered. They’re dying every day. It is true that along with the globalization, people’s knowledge and awareness is increasing and they are reducing it little by little. Many bio friendly technologies are discovered. The plant has been replant one by one. But we still have to do something, right?

Firstly, plant a tree. This could be easier than it sounds. Join or help out a local wildlife group and ask to plant a tree. Trees, when fully grown, will help keep the planet cooler. On the same point, you could protest against the demolition of the rainforests. This is the same principle, we need the trees to cool our planet and yet they are chopping them down to create roads or homes.

Something as simple as walking instead of taking the car will help reduce pollution. As well as stopping pollution, you are giving yourself exercise, something important for our bodies. So the next time you get into your car, or your motorbike, think – do I have to make this journey by vehicle or can I walk?

When you are at home, and you’re getting a little cold, put a jumper on and do not adjust the heating. The extra heat produced by our homes also affects the planet. So try wearing an extra layer in winter.

If possible, buy your fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. And try to avoid imported goods. The more foreign food that we import the more pollution from airplanes and boats it will create.

Keeping to the speed limit can also help the environment. The more you speed the more petrol you are going to use, making the pollution higher. Also, SUV’s make about six times their own weight in CO2 each year. A small efficient diesel car covering the same distance not only uses much less fuel; it makes two thirds less.

If possible use solar energy, after all it is free; all you need to buy is the equipment. You can get much of your hot water and heating from the sun and even generate electricity.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Only buy what you need; don’t stock the cupboards with things you may or may not use. Reuse whatever you can, like containers and paper, and recycle what you cannot reuse. It really is as simple as that.

Finally turning off unused sources of power such as televisions and heaters will help the environment, as well as save you money.

If everybody stuck to these rules, we would be doing a great thing by protecting the earth. So please take into consideration what I have said, and try to do your part. After all, it will be our next generation that will feel the effects

This is all can I can say. Maybe this speech has a lot of shortcomings. And is there a word that isn’t pleasing you, I’m truly sorry for that.

Heal the world, make it a better place. Thank you very much.


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